We Demand Sovereignty

Immigration is the lifeblood of our country. It refreshes and renews us. It is core to the American experiment, and it is a public good.

And we’ve all in some way enjoyed the benefits of the rights-less second class of labor we allowed in America for the past 40 years. If we hadn’t, we wouldn’t have permitted Congress to get away with this for so long. 

But - that does not commit us to amnesty out of some moral obligation - we remain sovereign. America is at the highest proportion of foreign born residents in over 100 years. Like then, it’s time to let the Melting Pot work. Secure the border, stop legal immigration until 2030 except for those already in the pipeline. That’s not racist or xenophobic, it’s common sense. 

Joe Biden isn’t just failing to police the border, he’s building the Welcome Infrastructure for mass illegal immigration and amnesty.

While Democratic governors and mayors nullify and revolt against federal law, Biden whips Border Patrol agents for trying to do their jobs and leaves border states to fend for themselves. The Democrats shut down the government in 2019 - curtailing services provided to you - in favor of supporting illegal aliens. That’s a dangerous and destabilizing move, and a betrayal of their constitutional oath. 

The American people have - since the early 2000’s - spoken clearly on immigration if only Washington would hear. There is a consensus. Border security first, everything else second. 

We will secure the border, protect the jobs of American workers, and restore American sovereignty. We’ll do this not through some grand pie-in-the-sky bargain, but by targeted legislation that binds the hands of the executive branch and forces it to enforce the laws that the people have put on the books. 

Bringing Back American Jobs

There is no plan in Washington that will create a robust healthy American economy that serves workers. They can't do it, and it's not their job anyways. But over the past few years, we’ve learned some hard lessons. Never again can we allow America to find itself unsure if we'll have enough medicine for our patients or PPE for our nurses and EMTs in the heart of a pandemic because the place they are made happens to also be our biggest adversary. The very adversary where the pandemic came from. 

We need to embrace an expanded definition of the Domestic Foundry. Semiconductor and chip manufacturing, rare earth metals, sensitive medical equipment, and other things simply should be made at home - from Mine to Market. 

Reshoring - targeted and tailored - across a range of industries, is part of how we’ll bring good paying jobs back to Western PA in concert with our tradesmen.

Predictability is My Promise

First they shut you down while letting the Big Box stores stay open. Then they gave away trillions, paying people to stay home just as you were ready to open back up. Then inflation eats into your margins, and supply chains snarl in every direction. 

No more. No more government intrusion, no more Uncertainty Tax, no more waiting on the next mandate or the next surprise. 

Payroll is King. And under Democrats meeting the basics of your business has become nearly impossible. Predictability is my promise.

This Era of Populism is Well Earned

This era of populism is well earned. When tech companies complain about not being able to find qualified workers, I ask them how much they’ve invested in training. I know where those guys are, they’re driving the Ubers for those very same CEOs on their way to Capitol Hill to lobby for special treatment.

It’s simple: I don’t want to live in a country where the federal government doles out trillions in handouts and carveouts, nor do I want to live in a country where Amazon employees sleep in trailers outside the warehouse and Walmart teaches its employees how to apply for welfare. 

To big businesses, here’s the deal: when I’m in office you can expect an environment of regulatory predictability. But - read this slowly and twice - when I’m in the legislature, there will be no bailouts. Plan accordingly.

Restoring Civic Trust in Steps 

We Self-Govern. Let us Remember That. Here’s a Four Part Plan I’m calling: Back off Feds/Back off Sam. It’s a path to humbling the government before us + Restoring Civic Trust:


Mask Mandates End: No more wearing a mask on planes. No more nervous eyes at the grocery store. The Era of Public Health Rule is over. Start shaking hands again.


A Fourth Amendment Restoration Act: No more wondering about which government agency is listening in on you, no more memes about the FBI agent reading your traffic.


IRS Reform Act: dramatically scale back tax brackets and the role of the IRS. It’s 2022 and too many Americans are stuck guessing what they’ll owe Uncle Sam, or when they’ll get their refund.


TSA: It doesn’t feel like the miracle of flight if you have to get there two hours early for a ninety minute flight to Orlando where they pat down your teenagers and force your pregnant wife to take her shoes off. We will unwind the Security Theater and have Safe, Sane Skies.

No More Endless Occupations

No more vaguely defined foreign wars. But terrorism is real. The threat from Russia and China is real, and growing.

U.S. foreign policy is a mess - and under Biden it’s dangerously so - and adversaries now set the tone and pace of global engagement. Biden’s foreign policy has objectively failed. What’s more dangerous now is what might happen in the remaining three years as the Deterrence Collapse spreads.

When Joe Biden’s in charge, utter catastrophe is always an option. And if we remain in an Era of Half Measures and multilateralist fantasy we are going to end up in conflict. Big, ugly conflict - the type we read about in history books. It’s time to take aggressive steps now to prevent that from happening.


From Hillary’s Russia hoax to Stacey Abrams’ rejection of results, the Democrats have been telling a Big Lie for years. Elections they win are perfectly secure and conducted without incident. Elections they lose are the result of nefarious forces and the elected will be fought by movements with names like Occupy and The Resistance.

Democrats now tell a Big Lie - that absent a federal takeover of elections that would enshrine every Leftist voting rule they’ve wanted for decades - that any future wins are illegitimate.

But who’s really afraid of Turnout? Is it Republicans who turned out 73 Million voters in 2020, most of them on the same day? Or Democrats who needed four weeks of lead time to churn their corrupt machine and “help” our seniors and our most vulnerable vote, just to squeak across the finish line by 80,000 votes?


Bitcoin and other crypto-innovations are not revolutionary, they are inevitable. Innovation in the financial and payments sectors is long overdue, and there is no reason we should remain tied to the old way of doing things. We are inventing new industrial infrastructure, and blockchain will be a part of it.

I care about crypto. I will fight on behalf of crypto. The federal legislature needs to act very carefully in this space, and should move primarily to limit harmful and short-sighted moves by regulators. What crypto needs more than anything is time to breathe and grow and innovate further. We don't need to rush to classify every new financial instrument - we're still figuring out what they are.

I've been following the crypto space since 2014, and remember fondly attending Money2020 that year. The excitement in the air, the Pantera t-shirts, the spirit of breaking new ground. In fact, the very first $5000.00 that hit my campaign account were from my own Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin holdings.

Other candidates will tell you they are pro-crypto or pro-blockchain, but how many others were set up with Bitpay essentially out of the gate? How many others have written - over the years - about blockchain here, here, here, and here. Also, here and here and here.

We need to grow this industry, and Western PA - with its abundant energy resources - is already seeing welcome innovation from crypto employers. When it comes to doing what's right for Western PA and this industry's role here: diamond hands.

Parents Rights

It’s crazy we even have to say it, but we do:
You decide what your kids learn in school.
You decide what they wear, or don’t wear, on their face

Social Justice

If you think social justice can be achieved by the federal government, you don’t understand how power works. We unfortunately had to learn that lesson the hard way as Bidenflation outpaced wage increases and all of us, together, suffered under the weight of Democrat’s FDR Dreamstate.


In a free country like ours, the instances in which we should limit each other’s action are few and far between. Who am I to tell someone what to do?

Abortion is not about gender equality, in fact the majority of aborted babies are girls. It’s about a radical, and fading, brand of feminism that rejected the nuclear family in the first place. The toll we pay for that ahistorical dream is 800,000 dead babies a year, most of whom are sent away with our medical waste - a rare few are sold for parts.

Abortion kills girls. Abortion kills black babies. That’s not equality, it’s barbarism.

Masculine Virtue

It is time for the American man to step up. Compete. Win. Get out of your basement and get into your community. Claim your rightful place by earning it. No bitterness, no victimhood - just action.

You are the sons of the men who landed on the Moon. Who saved the world twice over. Who invented the light bulb, the automobile and the airplane.

Reject the caricatures of masculinity and engage in the stern strife of actual life.

And remember:
We do not admire the man of timid peace. We admire the man who embodies victorious effort; the man who never wrongs his neighbor, who is prompt to help a friend, but who has those virile qualities necessary to win in the stern strife of actual life.

Cancel Culture

I reject the term ‘cancel culture,’ call it what it is: political assassination in an era where everything is political.

About that $30 Trillion...

No one wants to talk about the debt. Several politicos recommended I avoid the topic entirely. But MATH exists.

Listen here: any politician who does not have a plan to tame the national debt - and pay it down - is by definition selling you snake oil. They are there for the applause, and the airtime, and the post-Congress career prospects.

As 2030 approaches, there will increasingly be two camps: the Pro-Bankruptcy uniparty, and the small but loud Anti-National Bankruptcy contingent. Interest in the debt is already the 8th largest federal budget line item. Half the stuff we argue about is way smaller than what we’re already paying our debt on.


DC is not a swamp. It’s a glittering palace. You visit downtown and you see the old buildings, but what you don’t see is the 30 miles of McMansions in every direction. 

We talked about the Reagan revolution, and the State grew. We threw a Tea Party, and the State grew. We elected a populist to drain the swamp, and the state grew. 

Absent major, structural reform of the Republican party, the state wins. The Left just has to coast, and the government will continue to grow. We must be the lightning strike that causes the clearing brush fire. 

What we need is a Republican pledge. One that says - whether Continuing Resolution push or Debt Limit pressure - that we will no longer add to the National Debt. There’s no magic button, it simply takes enough people to say they will not be a participant in the bankrupting of America. Even in that last minute negotiation, with your committee positions on the line and leadership breathing down your neck, tell them: they're simply arguing bankruptcy now or bankruptcy later.

Biden’s Bubbles

Hey Joe, families are getting crushed out here.

Ups and downs, booms and busts, recessions and surprises. Throughout all of that, dollar stores could keep their basics - foodstuffs and other staples - to a dollar. But they couldn’t survive the Biden economy.

Inflation is a Tax. A tax you’re paying because of hubris, an incompetence tax direct from Joe Biden and a bumbling Fed.